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Our passion for wine

We fell in love with good wine many years ago, and decided to take a step further and develop our hobby into a business in 2015. Our ambition is to provide the Norwegian market with high, quality wine from smaller vineyards as well as offer the Norwegian and global market limited edition and special vintages of champagne and wine from exclusive producers. 

Our champagnes and wines

A selection of vintage and limited edition champagnes.

A sole right to sell PianiRossi

and Ixsir in Norway.

We also offer a selection of exclusive, high quality and limited edition wines.

Licence to import and sell wine in Norway and export abroad. 

Agent for LongoSince1961 and Ixsir.


Our latest news

¨We are at Vinmonopolet!

July 23, 2017

We are happy to finally be able to offer our wines at Vinmonopolet! Ixsir and PianiRossi are now available through Spesialutvalget. The wines, which you find here, must be order through Vinmonoplet special form, which you can find here

Ixsir finally in Norway!

July 11, 2017

The wines of IXSIR blend rich varieties of grapes cultivated from carefully selected terroirs that symbolize the diversity of Lebanon. To secure your samples, simply fill in "spesialbestilling" from Vinmonopolet. Get in touch and we will supply you with the details! More info, see our wine overview.

Latest arrivals

May 31, 2017

Our cellar has been updated with two reds (Sidus 2014 and PianiRossi 2011) and one rosé (Sabine 2016) from PianiRossi! Make sure to book your order using "spesialbestilling" from Vinmonopolet. Get in touch and we will help you fill in the details!










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